Vision and Mission


"In 2025 the Faculty of Education will become the center of enlightenment and renewal of superior, creative, innovative education based on piety, independency and intellectuality"


In order to make it implement the vision above, the FIP mission is set as follows:

  1. Organizing and managing education in the academic and professional fields for all lines and levels of education that demands lecturer self-development and encourages students to have individual basic values in acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes according to the basic values of Pancasila, and global competitiveness.
  2. Organizing, managing, and disseminating research and development results that produce new discoveries in the fields of education and non-education.
  3. Organizing, managing, and disseminating community service activities which are oriented towards results of studies and research for community empowerment and welfare.
  4. Organizing and building networks with stakeholders at local, regional and international levels.
  5. Organizing faculty management with excellent service, transparent and accountable 
  6. quality assurance.


According to the Visions and Missions above, FIP sets the following objectives as follows:

  1. To actualize graduates who have success in completing the learning outcomes which have been determined on the graduate profile according to the standards of each study program.
  2. To actualize discovery, development, and dissemination in the field of educational and non-educational sciences, which thrive on individuals and communities, support regional and national development, and contribute to solving global problems.
  3. To actualize community service activities which are oriented to the results of studies and research for the importance of development on human potential, empowerment and community welfare.
  4. To establish networks with stakeholders at the local, regional, and international levels.
  5. To actualize excellent service-based faculty management and accountable quality assurance.